Dominican Blue Amber


Blue Amber

This website was created to provide the public with information about Dominican Blue Amber. In the past few decades, there has been Blue Amber discovered in various areas of the world, including Indonesia. However, Dominican Blue Amber continues to be one of the most popular types of Blue Amber on the market.

There are different colours of amber out there. Do not assume that amber will always refer to the colour because it does not. You can find amber that is yellow, honey, orange, red, cream, green, and cognac. Then, of course, there is blue amber which is the rarest type of amber in the world.

There are some people in the world who still don’t think that blue amber exists. We hope to change their minds about this.

Is the colour of Dominican Blue Amber actually blue? Yes, but in a different way. The amber pieces come from two different colour surfaces while under natural lighting. If there is a white surface and the Blue Amber receives natural light on it, the particles of light will go through the amber. Meanwhile, the light shining onto the white surface will be refracted from it. This causes the Blue Amber to have a small blue hue colour to it.

If there is a black surface with Amber on it, the light particles get refracted from the Amber rather than from the black surface. The Blue Amber features hydrocarbons which convert UV rays into blue particles of light. That is how Blue Amber gets that popular glowing look to it.


What is different about Blue Amber in comparison to regular Amber?

Blue Amber turns blue when it is exposed to ultra-violet lighting. This is similar to the process that happens with phosphor. If there is a long wave type of ultra-violet light shining onto the amber, the reflection becomes so powerful that it nearly appears white.

How come Blue Amber is not more popular?

People in this region of the world do not understand the true value of both Blue Amber and Dominican Amber. That is why these types of amber pieces are not so popular. Another reason is that this gem material is very hard to find. Some people even still think Blue Amber is only a myth.

According to legend, Christopher Columbus received Dominican Amber as a gift from the now former Taino Indians. But the interest in trading Dominican Amber only started about 70 years ago. When you first look at raw Dominican Amber, it appears like any other rock. Because of this, people had no reason to think there was anything special about the rock. There were only a few secret collectors who understood the value of Blue Dominican Amber.