Blue amber gems

Is Blue Amber Extremely Rare?

Is Blue Amber the rarest gem on Earth?

Yes, Blue Amber is the rarest gem in the world. That is why its low price is quite surprising to people.

Rare gems are priced at whatever the buyer will pay versus the seller’s preferred price. Overall, the opinion of the public will determine the demand and the value of a specific rare gem.

Official statistics regarding the amount of Blue Amber found per year are non-existent. However, it is estimated that 50 kilograms of Blue Amber which is considered top-grade get found annually. There is also between 300 kilograms and 500 kilograms of Blue Amber that is high-grade which gets found per year. As for low-grade Blue Amber, there are 900 kilograms of it found annually. This is super rare.

Three factors go into the grading process of Blue Amber. These factors determine what the price is going to be, although this amount fluctuates constantly. The factors are transparency, translucence, and colour.

Colour has a lot to do with determining the value. Blue Amber comes from just 1 tiny area of the world. Several uncontrollable factors determine how much of this Blue Amber will surface. Rain is one of those factors; since a mine that is flooding is not a place where workers want to go.

That is why Blue Amber does not get discovered between October and may because this is when it rains the most there. The mines may operate between June and September but since this is the hurricane season, it tends to send rain at random times too.

A lot of people wonder how much Blue Amber is left in the mines of this small geographical region. These mines still seem to have Blue Amber available, but there is always the chance that they will run out of it eventually.

Translucence, as well as colour, tend to get complicated. The colour gets stronger as additional inclusions are made. However, the colour gets weaker with additional translucence. There are several variations of Blue Amber that are divided into groups. But still, every single variation can still be different than the others in its group.

It will be challenging for a Blue Amber salesperson to satisfy their buyers because Mother Nature causes there to be limitations. A lot of the amber that is produced in the Baltic States for other countries gets treated to preserve its quality.  The same cannot be done with Blue Amber, though.

How can Blue Amber be so inexpensive if it is so rare? Well, Blue Amber that is deemed “top grade” is actually expensive. The colour variations in comparison to regular amber make it priced higher. Also, you need to consider all the factors mentioned above as major influences on the market value. So, if you find a Blue Amber piece that has a cheap price tag, it is probably not top-grade quality.

Also, the investment value of Blue Amber is better than the investment value of diamonds because Blue Amber’s value will gradually increase as time goes on. Of course, diamonds will always be more popular in the consumer marketplace whereas Blue Amber has a much smaller market. You could view this as good or bad, depending on how you look at it.